Flow Sciences Safety 5 FT Vented Acrylic Hood ETA603027

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Product Overview

Flow Sciences 60" Vented Balance enclosure Model ETA603027

Manufactured by Flow Sciences this Model ETA-603027-ABD 60" BIBO Hood W/INT Alarm Contained Vented Enclosure with (2) Model FS4720 Fan Boxes (24 x 14). Flow Science's acrylic top-mounted enclosure is a versatile solution used for a range of applications requiring containment and protection. This innovative enclosure is commonly utilized in industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, healthcare, research laboratories, and manufacturing. The acrylic top-mounted enclosure provides a controlled environment for processes that involve hazardous or sensitive materials, allowing for safe handling and manipulation. Industries involved in pharmaceutical manufacturing rely on these enclosures for tasks like weighing and dispensing of potent compounds, ensuring operator safety and maintaining product integrity. In biotechnology and research laboratories, the acrylic top-mounted enclosure offers a sterile and controlled space for cell culture, manipulation of biohazardous substances, or handling of sensitive samples. Moreover, healthcare facilities utilize these enclosures for tasks like compounding medications or conducting aseptic procedures. With their versatility and protective capabilities, the acrylic top-mounted enclosure from Flow Science serves as an essential tool in multiple industries that require containment and a controlled environment for critical processes.

Flow Sciences’ Top Mount Safety Enclosure with Bag-in / Bag-out (BIBO)

Flow Science Safety hood MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION Enclosure panels: Clear 0.375” acrylic front and side panels. White 0.375” acrylic rear panel Work surface: Black 1” base that is dished to 0.5” (Phenolic Resin Base), Routed to Fit Sidewalls for Containment Plenums/Baffle: White 0.375” acrylic rear plenum. Clear 0.375” upper panel.


The ETA series basic setup includes single 4” HEPA Filters and Fans, Blanked Plates on
both sides for optional disposal port, and 1.5” knock outs on both sides for cord


  • Length: 59.75”
  • Depth: 30.00”
  • Height: 46.93” Height: 26.90”


  • Length: 58.00”
  • Depth: 24.81”
  • Height: 26.90”


(No reviews yet) Write a Review