Flow Science 4ft Ventilated Balance Safety Enclosure

Flow Science

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Product Overview

Flow Science Hood FS3100fva Powder Safety Enclosure

The Flow Science four foot FS3100fva fume hood is a cutting-edge safety device designed to provide reliable protection in hazardous chemical / powders situations. Engineered with advanced airflow technology, this smoke hood ensures efficient direction of harmful smoke, particulates, and toxic gases. Its lightweight and compact 4ft design make it space saving and suitable for a variety of environments, from industrial settings to residential spaces. Made with a phonotic base and dished corners to help contain potential sample spills. To ensure powerful air flow, the unit has two cut outs for two different filtration units. Equipped with a built-in transparent visor for enhanced visibility and separation from the sample, the FS3100 fva smoke hood prioritizes user safety and peace of mind in critical situations.


Flow Science Specifications

  • 4ft x 28 deep


(No reviews yet) Write a Review