Glass Reactors

Glass Reactors are used when it is necessary to have a corrosion resistant vessel. Glass Reactors are commonly used for chemical synthesis, process development, workup, filtration, purification, evaporation, stirring, dissolving, mixing, and extracting operations across a host of scientific disciplines.

Shape and Style Options

There are many different sizes, shapes and options for Glass Reactors. Round bottom and cylindrical reactors vary in volume and design. Some glass reactors will have bottom drains to drain the reactor. Other smaller reactors can be dismantled and flushed. Stirred reactors will have an impeller blade and motor. Some motors vary the speed, which helps control the heat transfer and additional components being added.


Glass Reactors can be jacketed or heated with a heating mantle. Different manufactures have custom heating mantles for their glassware – not all heating mantles are made the same! See the heating mantels we have in stock.

Top Glass Reactor Manufacturers

HiTechTrader sells a large selection of glass reactors to meet your needs. New Jersey is a great place to purchase a glass reactor, as some of the leading manufacturers are all located in Vineland, NJ: ACE Glass, ChemGlass, and H.S. Martin.

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