Haake DC3 Recirculating heater Type 003-0499 3 liter volume

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Haake water heater model DC3

The Haake DC3 with a 3 liter bath represents a pinnacle of precision and reliability in temperature control equipment, particularly renowned for its applications in rheological studies and material characterization. As a sophisticated circulating bath, the Haake DC3 offers exceptional temperature stability and uniformity, crucial for maintaining precise experimental conditions. Its intuitive interface and programmable features empower researchers to tailor temperature profiles to their specific needs, facilitating complex experiments with ease. With a robust construction and advanced cooling technology, the Haake DC3 ensures long-term performance and durability, even in demanding laboratory environments. Whether used for viscosity measurements, thermal analysis, or temperature-dependent studies, the Haake DC3 sets a standard for excellence, enabling scientists to achieve accurate and reproducible results in their investigations.

Unit is missing one of the back supports that keeps the unit upright. This issue does not impact the proformance of the unit.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review