Hacker Robot coverslipping Machine RCM-3655

Hacker Robot coverslipping Machine RCM-3655


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Hacker Robot coverslipping Machine RCM-3655, Powers up, Processes 150 slides per hour. Stainless steel 20-slide baskets carry slides into the Robot Coverslipper. Position of slide is detected by electronic eye. Magic Fingers pick up the slide and place it horizontally on the storage fork. Coverglass is lifted from the coverglass holder Mountant medium is dispensed on the slide. The coverglass is applied by rolling it onto the slide under pressure. The mounting medium spreads under the coverglass as it is laid down, removing air bubbles. The completed slide is moved mechanically to the storage rack by the storage fork. The cycle is repeated for each slide. This whole process takes only 22.5 seconds per slide. Effective rate for the standard RCM is 160 slides per hour





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