Equimeter S-275 Residential Dry Gas Meter

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S-275 Residential Gas Meters

Equimeter Gas Meter Model S-275 3/4" NPT connections. MAOP 5-10 psi. For measuring flow rates and total flow of dry gases.One Rev.=0.1 Cu. Ft. Temp Comp 60 degrees F Base MAOP 5 psi CL 25097-S CFH BUT. 135 - PROP. 155 - NAT. 250

Residential gas meters offer numerous advantages to homeowners, making them an essential component of modern households. Firstly, these meters provide accurate measurements of gas consumption, enabling homeowners to track their energy usage and make informed decisions about energy conservation. With precise data on gas consumption, individuals can identify potential energy-saving opportunities, resulting in reduced utility bills and a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Secondly, residential gas meters ensure safety by detecting gas leaks promptly. Equipped with advanced technology, these meters can detect even the slightest gas leak, allowing homeowners to take immediate action and prevent potentially hazardous situations. Lastly, gas meters enable efficient billing by accurately calculating the amount of gas used, eliminating estimation errors and ensuring fair and transparent billing practices. Overall, residential gas meters provide homeowners with valuable insights, safety measures, and streamlined billing processes, making them an indispensable asset in any household.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review