Parr 4566 300 ml High Pressure SS Stirred Reactor

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Product Overview

Parr 4560 Series Stainless Steel 300 ml mini bench top reactor system

Manufactured by Parr Instruments this Model 4566 is a compact stainless steel reactor with stirring. The vessel is rated for 3000 psi at 350 C. The unit does come with the 4848 controller system. The 300 ml stainless steel pressure reactor provides distinct advantages in laboratory and small-scale industrial settings. Stainless steel construction ensures excellent resistance to corrosion and high-pressure conditions, enhancing the reactor's durability and lifespan. With a 300 ml capacity, it strikes a balance between accommodating sufficient reaction volume for meaningful experimentation and conserving space in the laboratory. The robust design and material properties make it suitable for a variety of chemical processes, from catalyst testing to synthesis reactions. Additionally, stainless steel's inert nature prevents undesirable reactions with the reactor's contents, ensuring the purity of the experimental outcomes. Researchers and industries involved in pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, and materials science benefit from the reliability and versatility of the 300 ml stainless steel pressure reactor for precise and controlled high-pressure reactions, ultimately contributing to advancements in scientific research and development.

Parr Specifications for 4566

  • Volume - 300 ml
  • Pressure - 3000 psi @ 350 C
  • Material of construction - Stainless Steel


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