Cole Parmer Gear Pump Drive Model 75211 with Model 900-1109 Controller

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Cole Parmer Model 75211 Gear Pump Drive with Controller

The Cole Parmer Model 75211-22 Gear Pump Drive paired with the Cole Parmer Model 900-1109 controller forms a robust system for precise fluid handling applications. Featuring a 0.1 horsepower gear pump drive capable of speeds ranging from 40 to 3600 RPM, it ensures efficient and precise pumping performance. The gear pump integrates seamlessly with the Micropump Model 1840-000-316 head, equipped with 1/4 Swagelok fittings, facilitating secure connections. Complementing this setup, the controller delivers a 90-volt output with a maximum load of 1/10 horsepower, offering precise speed control through its analog RPM controller, adjustable from 0 to 999 RPM. Its intuitive design includes a straightforward on/off switch accompanied by a green confirmation light, enhancing ease of operation and monitoring during fluid handling tasks. Both units are able to be securely screwed to the work surface to prevent them moving, additionally the controller is able to be screwed into the wall with the built-in wall mount.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review