Parr 4553 1 gallon Stainless Steel Stirred Pressure Reactor with Bottom Drain

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Product Overview

Parr Chemical Pressure Reactor 1 Gallon Stainless Steel Stirred Reactor

Manufactured by Parr Instruments this 1 gallon or 3.75 Liter chemical reactor with a bottom drain is great for any pilot or process application. 1900 PSI at 350 C. A 1-gallon reactor equipped with magnetic stirring offers several distinct advantages for laboratory and industrial applications. The magnetic stirring mechanism provides efficient agitation without the need for mechanical impellers, ensuring uniform mixing of reactants and enhancing reaction kinetics. This results in improved reaction control and reproducibility, critical for achieving desired product yields and purity. Additionally, the compact size of the 1-gallon reactor makes it suitable for smaller-scale experiments while still accommodating sufficient reaction volume for meaningful analyses. Researchers benefit from the convenience and versatility of magnetic stirring, which enables precise control over reaction parameters and facilitates the exploration of various synthetic routes and process optimizations. Industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and materials science rely on 1-gallon reactors with magnetic stirring for their versatility, scalability, and ability to streamline R&D processes effectively.


Parr 4553 Specifications

  • Volume - 1.0 gallon
  • Pressure Rating 1900 PSI @ 350 C
  • Material of construction - Stainless Steel
  • Volts 220



(No reviews yet) Write a Review