Chemical Reactors are, in the simplest definition, vessels designed to contain chemical reactions. They can also be referred to as reaction vessels.

HiTechTrader sells a variety of reactor vessels, components, and systems that can be used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic markets. These reactors can be configured for batch or continuous operation. The size of the reactors can vary from very small (50 ml), to pilot plant production equipment (5 gallons). Materials of construction can also vary from plastic, glass, and stainless steel, to other types of specialty metals.  Both Low Pressure and High Pressure systems/components are available.

Reactor Manufacturers

Some of the common manufacturers within our reactor inventory are Parr Instruments,  Autoclave Engineers, Parker, Bellco, Wheaton, Pressure Products, Chemglass,  AceGlass,  H.S.Martin, and Pope Instruments.

FAQ about Buying Reactors

1. Do you provide safety rupture discs with High Pressure Systems?


No. For higher pressure systems, customers are required to buy their own pressure relief discs. As a safety concern, used pressure relief rupture disks are not safe without the original documentation and an installation date.


How do you ship a reactor?


It depends upon size. Small pressure vessels are easily shipped standard parcel shipment. However, in many cases, HiTechTrader ships reactors on a pallet (freight) due to the fragility of the components. This transportation method has ensured that the quality equipment we sell arrives to the customer intact and ready for use.

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