Binder KB720-UL Refrigerated Incubator


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Product Overview

Binder KB Series Large Floor Refrigerated Incubator

Manufactured by Binder, this model KB720UL has a chamber capacity of 24.6 cuft.  The two doors allow for easy access to samples. Unit is on wheels and can moved easily.  

Looking for a reliable large floor refrigerated incubator? This Binder high-quality model KB 720 offers superior temperature control and spacious capacity for your incubation needs. Ideal for research labs and industrial applications, this refrigerated incubator ensures precise and consistent temperature conditions, allowing optimal growth and development of biological samples. Explore our advanced features, durable construction, and user-friendly interface. Enhance your scientific experiments with our top-notch refrigerated incubator. Contact us now for more information.

Ensure the success of your scientific experiments with a large floor refrigerated incubator that prioritizes stability. The importance of stability in these incubators cannot be overstated. With precise temperature control and a stable environment, your biological samples can thrive and grow undisturbed.

A stable temperature environment minimizes fluctuations and ensures consistent conditions throughout the incubation process. This stability is crucial for maintaining the viability and integrity of delicate samples. It prevents temperature shocks that can compromise the growth, development, and viability of cells, tissues, and microorganisms.

Moreover, stability in a large floor refrigerated incubator ensures reliable and reproducible results. Consistent temperature conditions minimize experimental variations, allowing for more accurate data analysis and interpretation. Whether you're conducting long-term studies or short-term experiments, stability guarantees the reliability of your findings.

Additionally, stability in a refrigerated incubator helps to safeguard valuable samples and reduces the risk of contamination. Fluctuating temperatures can create condensation and promote microbial growth, potentially compromising the integrity of your samples. By maintaining a stable environment, you can preserve the quality and purity of your cultures.

Investing in a large floor refrigerated incubator with excellent stability is a smart choice for any laboratory or research facility. It provides the optimal conditions required for successful incubation, ensuring the growth and development of your samples without unwanted variations. Choose a reliable incubator that prioritizes stability to unlock the full potential of your scientific endeavors. Contact us today to discover our range of stable and high-performing refrigerated incubators.

Specifications for Binder KB720-UL

Temperature range [°C] -5 - 100
Temperature variation at 37 °C [± K] 0.2
Temperature fluctuation at 37 °C [± K] 0.1
Heating-up time to 37 °C [min]
Recovery time after 30 seconds door open at 37 °C [min]
Chamber Width [in] 38.22
Chamber Height [in] 49.3
Chamber Depth [in] 22.69
Interior volume [cu.ft.] 24.6


(No reviews yet) Write a Review